Jo-Hanna with Canon EOS 1D MarkII


Jo-Hanna was born and raised in Lancaster, California. Photography has been a long time interest. She received her first "box" camera from her Dad at the age of 7. His ways may have rubbed off on her, as he was seldom seen without at least one camera hanging around his neck. Her Dad always had a backup camera, taking whatever shot with each camera in case one didn't turn out. (It was all film in those days.)

In High School Jo-Hanna was yearbook photographer and worked after school at "Stubbings Photo Studio". She developed her own film and printed the photos in her Dad's darkroom. In 1976 with a double lens reflex camera

Jo left the desert to attend college at the University of Oregon. In 1980 she moved to the Oregon Coast and has since made it her home.

Photography as an art, hovered in the background, as she was busy raising her three boys and only snapping a ridiculous number of shots of their growing up years.

As the boys grew older and digital photography became popular, her creative urge resurfaced. Combining her interest in computers with her passion of photography and the love of the outdoors, Jo has devoted many hours, up to the current day attached to whatever camera she owned/owns at the time, scanning the beaches or tromping through any given terrain; in the wind, rain, ice, and even the sun to find those scenic shots that exaggerate the natural beauty of Oregon. The finished photos bring a sense of satisfaction and pleasure to her when they do justice to the intent of the capture.

Jo examining the view in Olympia, Washington

Jo-Hanna blames her perhaps artistic eye (channeled towards photography) on her genes; as her mother is a talented oil painter, Betty Schwartz, her younger sister is a professional sculptress, Heidi Maiers, and she has a brother, Mick Schwartz, who creates beautiful porcelain pottery. Also dabbling about is another sister, Meri, who not only likes to take pictures, (such as the photo above...) but draws, plays guitar and sings too. (Actually, the musical talent of the family expands beyond there but somehow Jo didn't get a very large helping of that gene.)

Each day, as new photo opportunities arise and more knowledge is gained, Jo sees no end in continuing to produce breathtaking and mood creating works, welcoming anyone interested in sharing all that is good contained in the view she perceives from behind her camera.